Protein diet for weight loss

protein foods for weight loss

The protein diet is very popular among world show business stars, athletes and ordinary people. This is an effective weight loss technique that allows you to lose weight quickly without danger and stress to the body. But you need to lose weight according to the rules so that instead of a beautiful figure you do not get health problems.

The main features of a protein diet

You need to start the diet by studying its main principles. This includes:

  1. The basis of nutrition is protein. It should make up at least 60% of the daily diet.
  2. The amount of fat and carbohydrates is reduced to a minimum. Ideally, they should not exceed 15% of the daily diet.
  3. The menu is allowed to include vegetables and fruits, making the diet more varied and balanced.
  4. Physical activity is required.
  5. Food should be fractions up to 6 times a day, serving size not exceeding 200 gr.

This nutrition system allows you to lose weight in a week by 4-5 kg without feeling hungry. Protein saturates the body with essential substances, but it is impossible to eat according to this system for a long time. The maximum period is 21 days. The optimal period for the diet is 14 days.

Who is the protein diet for?

A protein diet is ideal for those who want to lose weight quickly and without stress to the body. Due to the varied diet, you do not have to eat only one type of product, and the high nutritional value of meat relieves hunger for a long time.

Athletes and people who lead active lifestyles, a protein diet helps to lose weight and gain muscle mass. Lose weight by losing fat, not muscle. This helps form a beautiful and embossed figure.

Contraindications to protein diet

Ideally, before starting a diet, you should consult a doctor to identify contraindications. This is a fairly serious power system that people should not use:

  • minors and seniors;
  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • diabetics;
  • with kidney and liver disease;
  • with oncological diseases;
  • with increased levels of blood clotting;
  • with high physical and emotional stress.

You cannot start a diet when you are sick and when you feel unwell.

Adhering to a protein diet, you need to take vitamin complexes. This is necessary to prevent hair loss, deterioration of nails and teeth.

Protein norm

dietary protein intake

Ordinary people need 0. 8 gr. protein per kilogram of body weight. For weight loss, this rate is doubled. If you follow a protein diet, you should take from 1. 2 to 1. 6 grams a day. protein per kilogram of body weight. Not current, but planned weight is taken into account.

To calculate how much protein is included in a cooked dish, you need to know its composition and the amount of protein in each ingredient.

For example. The planned weight is 70 kg. On the day you need to use from 84 to 112 gr. squirrel. Based on the table below, the menu is arranged:

  • beef - 200 gr. (37. 8 grams of protein);
  • eggs - 2 pcs. (12. 7 grams of protein);
  • cottage cheese - 200 gr. (33. 4 grams of protein).

It turns out 83. 9 gr. squirrel. In addition, other foods are taken into account, which increases the amount of protein consumed.

For proper calculations, buy a kitchen scale and weigh each fresh product.

The pros and cons of a protein diet

Protein diets, like any specialized nutritional system, have pros and cons. When planning to lose weight with protein, you need to take it into account.

Benefits include:

  1. Diverse food. You don’t have to eat just one meal. The list of allowed dishes is quite extensive.
  2. Less hunger. Protein relieves hunger for a long time. This allows you to lose weight without experiencing a debilitating urge to eat something.
  3. Strengthens the immune system. Protein increases the body's endurance, increases physical strength.
  4. Rapid weight loss. After completing the diet, if you do not return to the previous table, but eat healthy foods, the lost pounds will not return.
  5. Weight loss due to body fat. The body takes energy from fat, not muscle. Therefore, muscle mass does not suffer on this diet.
  6. Suitable for athletes. Due to the presence of large amounts of protein in the diet, there is an active formation of muscle mass. As a bonus to losing weight, athletes increase endurance and form a beautiful relief on the body.

But there are also disadvantages to a protein diet. This includes:

  1. It is possible to reduce mental abilities by limiting the amount of carbohydrates in the diet.
  2. There is a risk of blood clots due to increased blood density and permeability.
  3. Calcium is washed away, problems with bones and teeth may appear.
  4. There is an unpleasant odor from the body and from the mouth due to the increase in ketone bodies in the body.

Protein diets must be approached efficiently, make sure you take vitamin complexes to compensate for nutrient deficiencies. This method of weight loss is only suitable for completely healthy people who do not have chronic and acute diseases.

Another conditional disadvantage of a protein diet is the complete rejection of sweet and fatty foods. And if you can not do without sweets and cakes, then such a nutritional system will cause nervous stress. Need to choose a different diet in which carbohydrates are allowed in small amounts.

Protein diet rules for weight loss

protein diet rules for weight loss

In order for a protein diet for weight loss to help you lose weight, follow some important rules:

  1. Focus on protein. These are meat and dairy products. It is permissible to add a side dish to the main course 1 time a day.
  2. Limit the amount of fat you eat. Their daily amount should not exceed 30 grams.
  3. Cereals are allowed, but only in the morning, as a side dish. Choose low -calorie foods, excluding semolina, millet.
  4. Vegetables can also be used as a side dish, but potatoes and other starchy types are strictly prohibited. You can eat cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers.
  5. The fruit is okay, but not sweet. Give preference to oranges, green apples.
  6. The last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  7. For the duration of the diet, you should abstain from alcohol and sweets.
  8. On a protein diet, a lot of fluid is removed from the body, so daily water intake should be increased by 1. 5 times. Drink at least 2 liters of fluid daily.
  9. Ideally, salt should be avoided. Dried herbs, garlic and soy sauce can be added to seasoning foods.

If dizziness appears during the diet, health and sleep deteriorate sharply, then more complex carbohydrates should be added to the diet.

Foods allowed for protein diet

foods allowed in the protein diet

When compiling a menu, consider the list of foods allowed in a protein diet. This includes:

  • meat. Low fat cuts of beef, chicken, veal, rabbit, turkey are allowed. Fatty pork and lamb are strictly prohibited.
  • Dairy product. The daily diet should include low -fat cottage cheese, natural yogurt, kefir.
  • Eggs. Be sure to eat chicken or quail eggs. They can be boiled with soft boiled eggs, cooked scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs. It is recommended to take 2 chickens or 4 quail eggs daily.
  • fish. Another source of protein is lean fish. Steam, in the oven, or simmer without adding oil.
  • Green vegetables. Fiber is needed for proper digestion of food, improving well -being. Give preference to tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage and zucchini. Vegetables can be eaten fresh, boiled, roasted or stewed.
  • Bijirin. A high -protein diet involves the rejection of all types of grains. But they are still needed as a source of carbohydrates. You can cook buckwheat, beans or oatmeal.
  • fruits. Nutritionists recommend eating citrus fruits on a protein diet. But be careful with them - high acidity has an irritating effect on the gastric mucosa and can cause gastritis.

From drinks, give preference to herbal decoctions, green tea. A small amount of coffee is allowed - no more than 1 cup per day. Most liquids should come with plain water.

Prohibited foods for protein diets

The list of foods prohibited in the protein diet is much broader. This is due to the fact that the nutritional system implies the rejection of most food groups. So, this list includes:

  • Bread products are completely excluded. Several times a week you can eat 1 slice of rye bread.
  • Pasta.
  • Sweet and floury dishes. This includes all foods that contain sugar. Sweet drinks are not allowed.
  • Alcohol. Some protein diets allow you to drink a glass of dry red wine a day. But it is still better to give up alcohol in any quantity.
  • Starchy vegetables. Avoid carrots and potatoes. Despite their nutritional value, they add weight.
  • sweet fruits. Bananas, pears, watermelons are prohibited.
  • Fast food products. Fast food should be excluded from the diet.
  • Carbonated drinks.

Letting go of your favorite foods is difficult only in the first week. Then you get used to eating properly and maintain this habit after the diet is over.

How to regulate protein nutrition

So that the new nutritional system does not endanger your health, stick to the plan:

  1. Diet preparation. Over 2-3 weeks, gradually start leaving sweets if you have a great love for them. Replace sugar with dried fruits, reduce the amount of sweetener in the drink.
  2. Smooth inclusion in the diet. You need to switch to a protein diet smoothly, rejecting other products in 1-2 days.
  3. the diet itself. Make sure you monitor your well -being and control your weight.
  4. Get out of the diet. Complete the diet smoothly, gradually increasing the amount of food consumed.

It’s good if the diet falls short during the holidays, which reduces the temptation to dine on a sandwich or refuse a full breakfast.

Buy food in advance by compiling a menu. When you go to the store, you run the risk of buying products from the banned list.

Make sure you exercise. You can sign up for a gym or give priority to home aerobics. Yoga, running will succeed. Physical activity should be at least 3 times a week. But remember that if you’ve never been involved in sports before, you can’t overload the body. Start with light exercise, gradually increasing the load.

Protein diet period

The maximum duration of a protein diet is 14 days. Currently, it is possible to lose up to 15 kg. After a break of 3 months, you can repeat to improve the results.

The optimum period is 10 days. Currently, you can lose up to 10 kg. The result depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. The more weight, the more active there is weight loss.

The minimum period is 7 days. It allows you to lose up to 8 kg. This period is ideal for those who find it difficult to let go of their favorite products.

Sample menu for a week for weight loss

An example of a protein diet menu for weight loss for a week will help you decide on a diet. Take this dish as a base, but adjust it yourself, taking into account the list of forbidden and allowed foods.

Hari Breakfast dinner dinner
one Cheese omelet, green tea Boiled beef with buckwheat boiled fish
2 Low fat cottage cheese Boiled chicken breast, cucumber and tomato salad Fried eggs, green tea
3 Oats on water Boiled beef with zucchini Grilled salmon with lemon and herbs
four Cottage cheese plate Rabbit in sour cream sauce, brown rice Cut the steam from the chopped turkey
5 Cheese toast Fish ears with rice The tenderloin meat is roasted with soy sauce
6 Low -fat cottage cheese, apples Ragout from beef, carrots, cabbage and zucchini Caesar salad "
7 Room Chicken soup with meatballs fish casserole

What can you eat as a snack:

  • boiled eggs;
  • kefir;
  • natural yogurt;
  • apples, grapefruit;
  • cheese;
  • cottage cheese pancakes and casserole;
  • vegetable salad.

Every day you need to eat 3 full meals and 2-3 snacks. Before bedtime, 2-3 hours before bedtime, you can drink a glass of kefir, tea or eat natural yogurt. Food should be as light as possible so as not to feel unwell due to indigestion and full stomach.

If you play sports, then take an extra protein shake. Choose sugar -free foods and a variety of additives. Such cocktails will relieve hunger and will not cause weight gain.

Get out of a protein diet

So that the lost pounds do not return after the completion of the diet, you need to return to the normal table properly. Add 1-2 foods a day to your diet, leaving sugar, pasta and potatoes at the end. Start with vegetables and fruits and add the amount of garnish. Be sure to introduce grains as a source of carbohydrates.

Nutritionists say that the period of exit from the diet is twice as long as the period of the diet itself. If you follow a protein nutrition system for 10 days, then you need to complete it for 20 days.

To maintain the results achieved, follow the rules of a healthy diet. Avoid light, fatty, fried foods. And then the weight will be lost, the figure will become slimmer, and as a pleasant bonus, you will get good health and beauty.

High Protein Diet Mistakes

Mistakes, which are quite common, prevent many from achieving their goals. This includes:

  1. Rapid rejection of carbohydrates and fats in favor of protein. Remember that a protein diet is serious, so you can’t suddenly "enter it", leaving the usual schedule in a day.
  2. Complete rejection of carbohydrates. The diet should contain vegetables, fruits and grains in small quantities. Otherwise, poor health and stress are inevitable.
  3. Lack of physical activity. Without sports, a beautiful figure cannot be achieved. But the appearance of stretch marks and sagging skin is worth the wait.
  4. Hunger. Make your diet so you don’t feel hungry. Otherwise, the body will go into an extreme energy saving stage and start storing fat.

Switch to the new system smoothly and monitor your well -being. And then in a week you will lose weight without stress to the body.

How to eat right while exercising

You can go to the gym to maintain good health, lose weight or build muscle. But without a properly designed nutrition scheme, it is impossible to achieve positive results. And for a workout in the gym or at home to please a change in figure, you need to knowhow to eat healthy while exercising.

how to eat healthy while exercising

How to eat before exercising to lose weight

To lose weight, you need to organize your diet properly. Do not fast, especially before exercising. The body must have enough strength to work out in the gym or when doing exercise at home.

Pre -exercise nutrition is organized taking into account a few rules:

  1. Food should be light, mostly carbohydrates. For this, cereals are ideal.
  2. The last meal should be done 2 hours before exercise.
  3. For 30 minutes, you are allowed to drink kefir or eat an apple.

To start the fat burning process, it is recommended to drink a cup of coffee before exercise. The drink will give you an energy boost and help start your metabolism.

food before exercise for weight loss

What is suitable as a meal before exercise for weight loss:

  • cereals on water or milk;
  • fruit and vegetable salads;
  • roti.

Be sure to count calories - they should not be more than 200 for women and 300 for men.

Before training, a special supplement is taken - a thermogenic fat burner. Their action is aimed at increasing body temperature, which is where the fat burning mechanism is triggered.

Weight loss supplements are not a mandatory attribute of weight loss. But with them, the fat burning process will run faster.

Nutrition after exercise to burn fat

After exercise, you should not eat carbohydrates. This is due to the fact that during physical exercise and within 2 hours after them, the body begins an active fat burning mechanism, which is needed to replenish lost energy. If you eat any carbohydrate products, then glycogen production will start because of carbohydrates, and not fat storage.

Protein is needed after class. They help muscles work, maintain muscle beauty and tone. Thanks to protein foods, it is possible to achieve weight loss and get a soothing figure.

What you can eat after exercise:

  • lean cottage cheese without additives;
  • lean beef;
  • chicken breast;
  • egg white;
  • rabbit meat;
  • Skinny fish.

You can always have a protein bar on hand that will satisfy your hunger and help fight fatigue.

Protein: how to choose and which is better

how to choose a protein

Diet plays an important role in losing weight and gaining muscle mass. A reliable helper in this matter is protein. It is a vegetable or animal based protein supplement. Important for athletes and sports fans.

What is this

Proteins are organic compounds whose structural units are amino acids. It is involved in the structure of body tissues, helping to speed up the process of muscle growth.

The importance of protein for human activity entirely cannot be underestimated. Thanks to him, construction, enzymes, hormones, protectors, transport, energy functions continue.

In terms of fitness, the benefits of protein are as follows:

  • Development of the body's protective function.
  • Weight reduction. Due to its high nutritional properties and vitamin complex, the supplement satiates the body for a long time. The high protein content helps burn deposits during and after exercise, even at night.
  • Creation of needed assistance.

Sports nutrition is a good alternative to products, as it is difficult to create a complete diet on your own to achieve high fitness results.

Do I need to take protein

Protein intake is relevant for people who set goals to increase muscle volume, maintain their mass, maintain normal water balance, restore affected muscles and replenish the body with vitamins, elements and energy needed while dieting.

Making a choice in favor of sports nutrition, one saves time and money for the purchase of the product and its preparation. Protein shakes are able to satiate the body for a long time, providing it with everything essential to function properly.

It’s also easy to take with you. In addition to drinks, it is sold in the form of ice cream, soup or pudding.

Protein is a simple protein with several properties. The main thing is the function of the building, so there is a seal, the elimination of damage and an increase in muscle volume. This is a great solution for those who don’t get enough protein through regular meals.

What are the side effects of protein

If you ignore the generally accepted norms of protein intake, it can be detrimental to health. This is manifested in violations of fat and protein metabolism, liver disease may occur.

In addition, the use of supplements is not recommended for people with renal pathology. Acceptance can only be done after consultation with an expert.

How to choose

There are many types of sports nutrition. Therefore, the choice must be in accordance with the goal faced by the person: Preservation of muscle volume.

You should also consider the duration of the class and the time you plan to consume protein. It is important to take into account the type and intensity of the load.

For the first time, it is advisable to buy a small jar to find a suitable product that matches personal preferences in the future.

How much protein to take

To take full advantage of a sports cocktail, you need to know how to prepare it properly.

The most important thing is to control and know the right weight while using the supplement. The optimal dose is 30 g of dry powder and 300 ml of liquid. It can be juice, water or milk. As a rule, 1. 2-2. 2 g of protein is taken per 1 kg of body weight.

It should be taken 1-1. 5 hours before sports and one hour after. Protein is allowed if there is a long break between meals.

To prepare, the liquid is poured into a special container, then protein is added and shaken. Should be eaten within 3 hours.

Which protein is best for getting lean mass

To gain muscle, whey and egg protein are more suitable. They have a high breakdown rate to the final product, so they quickly saturate muscle tissue with essential compounds.

It is effective to use in combination with slow protein to continue muscle growth at night.

When the goal is to gain muscle mass, protein should be chosen with less fat. Suitable additives and hydrolyzed complexes based on it.

Which protein is better for a girl to drink for weight loss

Whey shakes and casein are considered the best choices for sports protein for weight loss. The acceptance scheme is calculated by the coach according to personal preference. Both products are animal based and very easy to digest. They effectively burn the fat layer and provide the body with the right amount of protein.

Whey protein is known for its high quality and reasonable price. Includes an entire list of amino acids essential for muscle growth. The action is shown an hour after use.

Casein has a complex structure, is slowly ingested, within 5-7 hours. Great for professional athletes to continue muscle growth at night. Also effective for burning calories.

When choosing a cocktail for weight loss, you should consider:

  • Natural and safe composition.
  • Types of protein digestion.

Should You Drink Protein While You Are Not Exercising?

To maintain athletic performance, protein should be taken on free days, but in smaller quantities. Approximately the amount is reduced by 2 times, the cocktail is eaten 3 times a day or 1 time before bedtime.

Where to buy and how much does protein cost

You can buy sports nutrition in specialized departments, online stores. The cost depends on the number of jars, the type of protein.

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