Proper nutrition menu for a week for weight loss

Thanks to a proper nutrition system, you can lose weight and become slim!

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of diets that promise rapid weight loss. Most of them don’t work, or don’t work properly, or don’t work for you, or are really dangerous. That’s why nutritionists recommend that you undergo a full examination and seek advice before choosing your own dietary regimen. However, there is one diet option that suits almost everyone (of course, with some adjustments). This is proper nutrition.

What is proper nutrition

First of all, this is a diet that does not require drastic measures. Surely you have heard of such a system where it is recommended to sit on water alone for a week, or eat buckwheat exclusively, or completely eliminate carbohydrates from the diet? Such a "one -sided" approach not only does not help in the long run, but also endangers health. That is why a proper nutritional system has been developed, which allows you to fill the body with all the necessary ingredients and at the same time helps to get rid of extra pounds. True, it is not fashionable to talk about proper nutrition as a simple rational approach to food. Therefore, more and more often it is called diet food or PP-diet for weight loss.

Important to remember: Being overweight increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, increases cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

The product is useful for organizing the diet according to the principles of proper nutrition

How it helps you lose weight

The pace of modern life determines its own rules. Eating fast food is simple and easy, homemade foods are replaced with semi-finished products, and the candy industry promises a quick snack. Fortunately, proper nutrition is now in fashion, which determines a return to the diet prescribed in a person literally at the genetic level. Yes, any diet and restrictions (including vegetarianism) are malnutrition. The human body needs a certain amount of BJU and various types of foods, including animal protein. You do not need to reduce the amount of food, but the level of its calorie content. There are other options: leave calories alone, but increase your level of physical activity. For example, start walking regularly at least 3 kilometers a day, do exercise, stop using the elevator. Of course, all unhealthy foods in the diet should be replaced with healthy alternatives.

The benefits of proper nutrition for the body

Rejection of harmful diets allows you not only to get rid of bad habits, but also to strengthen your own health. Of course, this will not get rid of the chronic disease, but it will help reduce the frequency of relapses and make the course lighter. For example, patients with cholecystitis see a significant improvement in their own condition after adjusting their diet together with a nutritionist. Moreover, there is absolutely no need to adhere to diet No. 5 for the rest of your life: you need to exclude meals that trigger relapses from the diet and adhere to a nutritional diet according to the PP system.

Vegetables must be on the menu of a healthy diet.

How to replace snacks

For those who do not suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, food can be included in the diet that will replace snacks. The fact is that our bodies, not receiving any necessary substances, begin to send signals to the brain about their needs. As a result, there is a desire to eat snacks, which, as seen by our body, will quickly meet its needs for vitamins and microelements. True, this will not happen, because fast food mainly contains sugars and flavors that give the brain a lot of glucose. The result is a deception of the body, and the lack of substance is not lost anywhere. See this table to understand where it came from.

We want

Want a body

Useful Alternatives

  • fatty foods,
  • sweet carbonated drinks
  • calcium,
  • glucose
  • dairy,
  • beans,
  • sesame seeds
  • nuts,
  • dried fruits,
  • love

Sweet bread


  • beans,
  • beans

Chocolate milk


  • Baked potatoes,
  • sea fish


  • Chromium,
  • slow carbs
  • fruits,
  • love,
  • cereal cereal

salty foods

  • Sodium chloride,
  • calcium
  • seaweed,
  • fresh cucumbers,
  • Apple

Replacing the harmful with the useful helps to saturate the body with the necessary substances without any danger.

How it works

Most diets are based on the principles of healthy eating, but some come into direct confrontation with the basics. The main thing you need to know about PP and nutritional nutrition is that it is selected individually, based on body characteristics. Proper nutrition for perfectly healthy people, for pregnant / breastfeeding women or for diabetics will be different. And it's okay. What other principles should be followed when following PP?

  1. Restriction of salt intake.It is not excluded from the diet, but they begin to add 1. 5-2 times less. By the way, the taste of dishes from this, by the way, does not deteriorate, but, conversely, becomes more pronounced, because as a result of long-term consumption of "less salty" foods, the taste buds are cleared.

  2. Adherence to a drinking regime.It is recommended to drink at least 200 ml of pure warm water in the morning on an empty stomach and before bedtime.

  3. Exclusion of overly fried foods.Boil, steam, stew, bake - in a word, anything except frying in excessive amounts of oil.

  4. Exclusion from the diet of foods that do not have a proper BJU balance. These are semi -finished products, fast food, industrial chocolate and factory sausages, canned food, carbonated beverages.

  5. Reduce carbohydrate consumption fast.They need to be replaced with slower ones. The diet should include whole grains, whole wheat bread, durum wheat pasta, vegetables.

Replacing unhealthy foods with healthy ones helps you lose weight

It is worth adding to the diet more seasonal fruits and vegetables, unsaturated fats, which are found in large quantities in seafood, avocados, seeds and nuts. The amount of animal protein is calculated from the formula "1 g of protein per 1 kg of weight. " In the first half of the day, carbohydrate foods should be given priority in the diet, and protein foods in the second. It should be eaten 4-5 times a day, the maximum period between meals should not exceed 4 hours. Before bed, you can eat for a maximum of 3 hours. It is recommended to eat at the same time. Eating dishes that are too hot should not be, they should be at a comfortable temperature. Chew slowly and carefully: digestion begins in the mouth, when saliva coats the pieces of food, which in turn gives the stomach a chance to digest them more easily.

We put together a menu

A proper nutritional system does not imply a strict menu. This is a diet that requires only proper nutrition and adherence to a regime. Everyone must independently create a suitable diet for himself for a week. About it will look like this.







  • Cheese sandwich / cottage cheese casserole / scrambled eggs,
  • a glass of tea or black coffee
  • Boiled or grilled meat with steamed vegetables;
  • a cup of green tea or freshly squeezed juice
  • Boiled beans or cauliflower,
  • a piece of chicken breast
  • tea or a glass of milk
  • a glass of kefir,
  • apples or other seasonal fruits


  • Fresh vegetable salad / omelette with mushrooms / scrambled eggs,
  • a glass of tea or black coffee
  • Pure vegetable soup with cheese or mushrooms,
  • a piece of boiled meat
  • a cup of tea
  • Boiled or stewed fish with rice or buckwheat,
  • a glass of juice

seasonal fruit


  • Omelette with herbs or scrambled eggs / baked vegetables,
  • a glass of tea or black coffee
  • Pieces of steamed meat or boiled chicken breast with boiled or grilled vegetables,
  • a glass of fresh juice
  • Cottage cheese with roasted herbs or vegetables,
  • a glass of juice

Dairy product


  • fresh vegetable salad,
  • cheese sandwich,
  • a glass of tea or black coffee
  • pasta or rice
  • fish or boiled meat,
  • a glass of tea or juice
  • Cut or steam fish,
  • vegetable salad or grilled broccoli,
  • a glass of milk

seasonal fruit


  • Cereal porridge or casserole,
  • a glass of tea or black coffee
  • Vegetable cream soup: pumpkin, cheese, mushrooms;
  • a glass of tea
  • Steamed vegetables with chicken or turkey,
  • jus

Ryazhenka, kefir


  • Baked potatoes with meat or other vegetables,
  • jus
  • Grilled fish with boiled rice,
  • fresh vegetable salad
  • Curd casserole with berries,
  • Fresh juice

seasonal fruit


  • Green salad,
  • toast,
  • fruit drinks
  • steamed beef,
  • roasted or boiled vegetables,
  • juice or tea
  • Steamed omelet with green beans
  • unsweetened fruits

Protein cocktail

The diet can and should be tailored to your own goals and abilities. For example, a person may need to avoid certain foods completely because of allergies. Diabetics should reduce the amount of carbohydrates they consume, and pregnant women should add more animal protein. A healthy diet knows no time limit. It can be used for a lifetime: after all, the principle of such food exists in us naturally. So, if you choose PP as a diet for weight loss, you should not go back to the regular menu after achieving the desired results. First, such a breakdown will easily restore any lost kilograms, and secondly, the body will react very negatively to this.

Healthy snacks

If the stubborn body needs delicious and fast food, instead of fast food, you can use healthy snacks. For example, some companies make protein bars that are very filling, yet contain 10 grams of protein and only 140 calories per serving. Ideal for those who are worried about their own body shape: you can bring a snack with you and use it as a snack. The body will receive the required dose of protein and no longer need a lot of fatty snacks. In addition, this bar does not contain artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers, so it is ideal for those who prefer environmentally friendly and safe products.