How to get rid of stomach and sides with exercise and nutrition?

A woman feels joy and happiness only if she is truly satisfied with herself. The reflection in the mirror should be perfect, and not only and not only the face because the figure is subject to careful study. One’s claims against their appearance are justified, some are not, but one thing is for sure: it takes a lot of effort to achieve an ideal figure, and then keep it unchanged.

Many women, dissatisfied with their figures, worry about the answer to the question: how to remove the abdomen and sides? After all, a thin waist has always been considered a sign of femininity, elegance and elegance, and a flat stomach is the dream of most of the fairer sex.

Where to start?

The waist, abdomen and sides are the places where fat accumulates treacherously and this can be explained by the characteristics of the female body. You have to spend a lot of time and effort to get the desired form, and it is better to act in several directions at the same time:

  • Refine your diet.
  • Lose weight.
  • Strengthen your stomach.

The fact is that even if you lose a few extra pounds after sitting on one of the new modeled diets, your stomach still won’t be as elastic and flat as you’d like, and that hated part won’t go away anywhere. You can’t rely on these issues and the daily stresses associated with one’s normal life. The average person today moves little and is heavy-hearted, and the abdominal muscles do not function during normal walking.

You can achieve the desired result just by adding tone to the muscles with the help of special exercises. But exercise without a diet (proper and balanced nutrition) is of little value, the muscles will become harder, but they will remain hidden under the layer of fat. It is not possible to get rid of it just with intensive training.

Exercise at home

Remember: you don’t have to sign up for a fitness center to get rid of those hated rolls and folds. You can also remove the stomach and sides at home. For higher efficiency, try to combine cardio and strength workouts in the same workout, so you will not only train your muscles, but you can also burn excess fat.

Cardio workouts can be done outdoors if you have the time and weather to do them. Among the most popular and effective are brisk walking, jogging, and cycling. If you can’t get out of the house, you can do an exercise routine from almost any fitness video. Often, to increase endurance and strengthen the heart muscle, video course coaches use a variety of jumps, swings and turns.

After completing your cardio workout, start strength training. Of course, we are talking about different types of rounds performed in a supine position or on the side with support on the arms. The starting position will certainly be familiar to you, and the exercises to strengthen the press are as follows:

  1. You lie on your back, your legs bent at the knees, your hands behind your head; slowly lift the upper body and tear the shoulder blades, reaching the knees. Do not bend, do not close the elbows, do not press the chin to the chest. Most importantly, try to feel how the abdominal muscles, the upper abdomen, tighten. If at the same time you do not feel any unpleasant pain, then everything is done correctly.
  2. exercises to slim the abdomen and sides
  3. For the lower abdomen, instead, lower your arms along your torso, lift your legs slightly bent upwards and try to push off the floor, lift your pelvis and tense your abdominal muscles.
  4. The best exercise for a skinny waist: lie on your side, resting on your arms bent at the elbows. Then, as you exhale, tension your whole body and get up, the only point of contact with the floor should be your legs and arms, most importantly, your muscle tension. The exercise should be repeated for the other side as well.
side plank to slim the abdomen and sides

For the sides, you can try the following exercises:

  1. Standing upright with legs slightly open, place your hands on your hips. Rotate your shoulders with your body in different directions, as long as your lower body is not moving.
  2. The starting pose is the same as in the first case. Squat low, place your hands in locks on the left thigh, stand up, move your hands in a semi -circle above your head to your right thigh and lift one leg to thigh level. Repeat with the other leg.
  3. Now lie on the floor and bend your knees at right angles, lift them. Place your hands behind your head and stretch your left elbow to your right knee, and vice versa. Imagine riding a bike.
girls do exercises to slim the abdomen

Repeat this exercise regularly, 4-5 times a week, allocate about 40 minutes for cardio training, for each exercise for the press, do 2 repetitions, 10-15 times each.

Don’t hesitate and don’t be shy, don’t be afraid to look funny, don’t stop exercising. Your success is 90% of your perseverance, determination and belief in yourself, and only 10% of your genetic predisposition to be skinny. Agree, with this approach, you just have to take care of your figure.

Principles of good nutrition

Eating right and losing weight is not a big deal. You just have to expend more calories than you eat with food. The basic principles of a healthy diet: less prepared foods and semi-finished products, more vegetables, fruits, dairy products, fish, poultry and grains. Eliminate sweet and starchy foods, fatty, fried and salty foods in your diet, as those foods only retain excess water in your body.

After all, the more protein you take in, the faster your muscles become stronger. But don’t overdo it: you need to eat only until the moment the hunger is gone. It is difficult to overeat and lose weight at the same time, while the point is not in a particular product, but in its quantity. Don’t forget to drink as much water as possible, coffee and carbonated beverages should also be excluded from the menu. And don’t give up if you don’t get understanding from your loved ones!

Is this tip for men?

When asked how to get rid of a man’s stomach and sides, the answer most often heard is as follows: you need to stop drinking beer and eat chips. But in fact, to get rid of the stomach and side of the "beer", it is necessary to skillfully combine not only proper nutrition, but also exercise.

For greater effect, cardio training should be alternated: running and swimming with a power load with a high weight. This way, at home you can do the exercises described in this article.

As for the diet, increasing the amount of protein and getting rid of snacks: sweets, flour, spicy, fatty and fast foods will bring a man to the desired result quickly. The key word here is "fast", this is the peculiarity of male weight loss. The body of a strong half -human representative does not initially tend to accumulate weight on the abdomen and sides, therefore, with just a little effort (depending on the degree of neglect), each man can become like an antique statue.

Thus, if you change your daily routine and conduct an audit in the refrigerator, then you have a chance to get rid of fat in the waistline. Unfortunately, women have to work longer and harder for this. But this is not a reason to give up, you deserve to be beautiful.