Buckwheat diet for weight loss

buckwheat porridge for weight loss

The buckwheat diet is an effective, albeit difficult, method of losing weight. Buckwheat not only gives a feeling of satiety, but also carefully removes toxins from the body. Using this diet, you can lose weight and forget about dermatological skin problems for a long time.

The main advantage of the diet is its excellent performance. According to reviews of those who lose weight in just 1-2 weeks of diet, you can lose up to 7-10 kg. The main thing is to follow the results and follow all the rules of the diet.

There are several types of buckwheat -based diets - ranging from a strict mono diet to rapid weight loss, ending with a fairly varied menu.

The effectiveness of all these methods is determined, first of all, by the beneficial properties of buckwheat, as well as the absence of fast carbohydrates in the diet.

Benefits of the Buckwheat Diet

  1. Buckwheat is cheap, it is easy to cook, and even if it is cold, it will not lose its useful quality and flavor.
  2. This is one of the most complete products used in mono-diet. For example, vegetarians believe that buckwheat is a suitable alternative to meat, because it contains phosphorus, potassium, calcium, zinc (very useful for bones, hair, skin and muscles), iron (stimulation of hematopoiesis and prevention of anemia), and vitamins. groups E, B1, B2 and B9 (protection of the reproductive and nervous systems).
  3. Buckwheat has a minimum amount of carbohydrates, and they are easily absorbed by the body. This not only prevents "carbohydrate fermentation", but also ensures quick satiety.
  4. The fiber in buckwheat is intestinal cleansing and stimulates its peristalsis.


Like any other diet, the buckwheat diet is not for everyone. Contraindications are diabetes mellitus, joint problems, hypertension and gastrointestinal diseases.

Buckwheat diet for 3 days

This is a therapeutic version of the buckwheat diet, which helps cleanse your body and quickly get rid of extra pounds. In the evening, prepare buckwheat: take 1 tbsp. cereal, pour 2 tbsp. boiling water and wrap the container with a towel. Leave until morning. Ready -made porridge should be eaten during the day, completely eliminating sugar and salt from the diet. You can drink water and green tea (of course, without sugar).

Buckwheat with kefir for 7 days

This method of losing weight will be suitable for you if, due to some circumstances, you cannot eat buckwheat alone. But, nevertheless, for best results and experimental purity, kefir and buckwheat should not be mixed. It is better to leave the interval between the use of this product at 1-2 hours. You can eat 2-3 tablespoons per day. buckwheat porridge and drink no more than 2 tbsp. low fat kefir.

Diet on buckwheat balls

A very simple and easy way to lose weight for those who are unable to follow certain rules of various diets all the time. Boil 200–250 g of buckwheat, let it cool and mash to the consistency of minced meat. Next, grate 1 small carrot and 1 bell pepper. Mix everything thoroughly, add a tablespoon of lemon juice and form a ball with the diameter of a ruble coin from the resulting mass. Put in a food container. Such buckwheat balls can be brought with you, for example, to work and eaten immediately when a strong feeling of hunger occurs. But, no more than three pieces at a time. The duration of the diet is 7-10 days.