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Николай Дмитров


  • The effectiveness and results of drinking diets, their advantages and disadvantages. Sample menu for 3 and 7, 14 and 30 days. Recipes for cooking, exit and contraindications.
    23 July 2022
  • Buckwheat diet: features, benefits and useful properties, contraindications, menu choices.
    29 June 2022
  • Diet on apples: learn about the benefits of fruits, the correct approach to their choice, the rules, pros and cons of such weight loss. Explore different weight loss programs with this product.
    23 November 2021
  • The secret to losing weight for a long time at home. The most effective methods for rapid weight loss from a professional are diet, a set of exercises, taking medications, water procedures, liposuction, folk remedies.
    22 November 2021